Our car rental digital marketing services enabled one company to increase their year on year transactions by 50% in just three months. See more in our case study below.

Although it may seem obvious, online booking-based car rental businesses need to be highly visible online. Simply having a website is not enough... People are searching for your services and you need to be in front of them when they do which means digital marketing is a must.  That's where MCM Net come in.

We know the UK, European and American markets in detail. We know the school holiday dates and when people from these markets like to travel. We have substantial knowledge on how tourists from these markets are researching and making decisions on booking car rentals online. Couple this with our digital marketing expertise and long-serving team who are dedicated to providing the best service in the digital marketing space - we will get you more traffic, more bookings and more revenue. 

Our PPC management service will get your ads seen. We will produce compelling ad copy that attracts relevant clicks and ensure it is seen by the right people at the right time. Through PPC management we have achieved ROI's that range from 239% to 407%

As well as ensuring you have high performing search engine ads that are generating traffic and revenue, our SEO service will help get you more visibility in the organic search engine results. This is crucial for times when your ads aren't shown yet you still need to be seen. 

We also specialise in increasing social media presence, managing both paid social media campaigns to target audiences through the most suitable platforms and organic social media content and engagement. Social media should be used to give your organisation more personality and to express who you are, what you are about and why customers should be choosing you. 

Digital marketing for car rental businesses is vital, if you aren't doing it, or want to do it better, take a look at our case study below to see why MCM Net should be your digital marketing agency of choice.



We have been working with MCM Net for four years and are extremely pleased with the results we have seen since doing so. It has been proven, over and over again, that with the knowledge of MCM Net team, it is easily possible to increase the return on investment on services such as Google Ads and social media. We couldn't be happier with what we have acheived since working with this agency. I encourage you to contact MCM Net for any digital marketing support you require... provided you are not a competitor in Iceland!
Marketing Manager Icelandic Car Rental Brand (name witheld, contact us for details)
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