With the help of MCM Net, one of our clients was able to increase registrations by 106%. See more statistics in our case studies below.

We know that lots of work goes into creating an event from finding an ideal venue to booking topical speakers, so it's vital you don't fall short when it comes to attendees. You need to be creating a buzz around your events and driving awareness to ensure a strong influx of registrations and bookings.

When it comes to promoting events, we develop multi-platform campaigns to target relevant users through the use of digital. With a specific goal in mind such as event registrations or award nominations, we can establish where your target audience can be found online and how best to put your event in front of them. 

We generate results through a variety of paid media such as Google Ads, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising, Instagram advertising and more! Results seen amongst our clients include 600,000 impressions generated for an event with just a 4 week campaign, 592 direct conversions not counting the unknown number of attributed conversions and a 13.59% click through rate across social. 

For each event we work on, we focus on the target audience and how we can engage them, before producing a high-level digital strategy and campaign that includes all of the platforms that we know will work. Our campaigns will get you more impressions, more awareness and more conversions and we can often decrease your cost per click/cost per conversion. All of this means that your event will be bigger and so will the revenue it brings in.


The MCM Net team have so much knowledge and experience that we are benefitting on through our campaigns. We have seen great results and are excited to work together on more successful campaigns going forward!
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Featured projects

MCM Net have worked on a variety of acquisition campaigns for Marketing Week's Mini MBA, a CPD accredited MBA level course. We have developed innovative strategies and introduced new advertising platforms to broaden Mini MBA's reach. We have seen some outstanding results, such as a 106% increase in bookings.

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Mini MBA in Marketing

MCM Net were approached to generate a last-minute uplift in nominations for the Marketing Week Masters, one of the UK's best-known celebrations of true mastery in marketing. We worked under a tight deadline to implement a 2 week campaign across Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Ads which led to a 10% increase in revenue.

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Marketing Week Masters

Search Marketing

MCM Net put together a multi-platform paid advertising campaign to support ticket sales for the Festival of Marketing. The 4 month campaign consisted of 5 stages to keep audiences enaged and interested. We utilised Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn to drive traffic and awareness, alongside Google Ads to drive conversions.

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Festival of Marketing