Social advertising is still relatively new to most companies, and as such there is significantly less competition than you would encounter on other platforms such as AdWords.

Given this newness and the vast number of advertising options that the different platforms offer, the opportunity to get in front of audiences that your competitors didn’t know even existed, is huge.

You can be as precise as a laser beam or as broad as a barn door and find audiences based on their likes and dislikes, their role within an organisation, who they are following, who they work for, where they live and a host of other characteristic traits.



In addition to building better products, a more open world will also encourage businesses to engage with their customers directly and authentically. More than sixty million businesses have Pages on Facebook that they use to have a dialogue with their customers. We expect this trend to grow as well.
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Social expertsfinding the sweet spot

At MCM Net we have the experience and track record to implement social advertising campaigns that deliver new enquiries and new clients regardless of your industry sector, product or service.

We will:

  • Help you select the most appropriate social channel based on your business objectives.
  • Create enticing, high-quality ads, and place them in front of your audience using the various advanced targeting options available.
  • Find and build new audiences using the demographics of your existing customers.
  • Rigorously test to ensure that the ads you’re spending money on are performing as well as they possibly can.
  • Track the user journey and feedback on the performance of your campaign.


Service offering3 steps to success

As part of our comprehensive social advertising service that generates demonstrable results we offer:

  • Paid social strategy and planning. We determine which channels your targeted audience is most likely to use, what advertising options are best suited to your audience and what results can be expected based on your available budget.
  • Full campaign management, including:
    • Audience segmentation and generation. We create audiences based on your databases; users that have already visited your website and entirely new ones that share similar interests to your existing demographic. 
    • Ad creation. We create ads that use enticing, high quality imagery, whether stills or video, combined with succinct but engaging text.
    • Bid and budget optimisation. We constantly monitor and adjust the bids to ensure optimum allocation of spend.
    • Ad optimisation. We regularly refine the ad message, ad format and ad frequency so that you ads are always shown to your target audience at the right time.
    • Split testing. We rigorously test various ads and targeting options to determine which ads are performing as well as they can and which require optimisation.
  • Conversion tracking and reporting. We track conversions across the user journey of your website to see how well your ads are performing against the stated objectives.

Don’t delayand miss out

One of our clients in the self-storage industry generated an additional 30 enquiries a month using Facebook advertising. Another, in the removals sector found an additional 50 enquiries a month!

Contact us now if you too want to drive new business with social advertising.

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