Social media allows you to connect with a much wider customer base in order to increase brand awareness and increase the traffic to your website. Whether you like it or not, the conversation is happening with or without you. Whilst we wouldn't encourage simply 'jumping on the bandwagon', being involved and steering the conversations online surrounding your brand, product and services can deliver huge merits.

An example of this is a campaign that we recently executed for e-cloth. Our brief was to use Twitter to create awareness of how cleaning with e-cloth can improve the condition of certain allergies. Having successfully executed our strategy the campaign delivered the number 1 trending topic on Twitter, a reach of 409,907 Twitter accounts, with the hashtag #allergychat receiving 1,400 tweets from over 320 contributors throughout the duration.

Since MCM Net have been managing our social media accounts, the number of followers, interactions and engagements have well over doubled, something we were trying to achieve for years. They are always coming up with interesting and interactive content that engages our customers and really brings our brand to life. 

As a team they always go over and above to exceed our expectations and I really cannot speak highly enough of them.

Tim Foster e-cloth
  • #1Trending Topic on Twitter

Social Media Strategybuilding your brand

A social media strategy is not simply about a marketing message. Engaging with your audience is an opportunity to be part of the conversation. By its very nature, this two way process and the message being put out needs to be considered. First of all it must add value, and secondly it must be real. That's real people with real interest.

We work with our clients to define this. Through speaking with you, we will identify the value and the core strengths of your company and the people that represent your brand. Our strategy will identify the channels to use and the requirements needed to be successful in them. Of equal importance we take a look at your internal processes and the ability of your organisation to respond and manage the social media conversation. It is not about being at the mercy of the general public but it is about being able to handle the smallest enquiry before it escalates into a much larger problem.

We will prepare your social strategy, aligning this with your wider business aims and we'll work with you to support its implementation across your business.

Social Media Managementtell your story visually

Having analysed the conversations that already exist and worked out a clear strategy for your brand, our social media management service aims to address your platform needs and formulate a content plan for each.

The planning and creation of effective content is vital for the success of an ongoing social media strategy. As well as ensuring it is supporting the SEO goals, it also gives clear direction in terms of the frequency and nature of content; whether that consists of blogs, status updates, webinars, pictures, infographics or videos.

Through our ongoing management service, we constantly define new plans and content ideas to ensure you're constantly addressing the wants and needs of your current and future audience.

Social Advertisingreaching out to your social audience

The key social platforms have incredible reach and since users across networks such as Facebook and Twitter populate their profiles and pages with vast amounts of personal information, it's possible to create highly targeted adverts tailored specifically towards your target market.

Targeting users based on their social interests and demographics allows us to create bespoke, highly tailored and cost-effective campaigns that drive likes, shares and brand awareness.

Through designing your ad creative, profiling your target demographic and launching and monitoring your social advertising campaign, we'll help you to achieve your campaign objectives.

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